Thanks for wanting to know more about me!

I'll be going on for a bit longer than usual since you seemed to want to know "who the heck is this guy?"

I've been doing web design and other things digital for about 8 years or so.

I got into it because I like to work with computers and I'm a bit of a geek. I also love the arts and working with people. Well, at least some people...

I'm passionate about trying to make the world a better place using design.

I have my degree in Theater Arts Acting/Directing which might not sound like it has a lot to do with web design but it does.

In theater you need to:

  • Plan what you're going to do
  • Work nicely and well with others
  • Do it
  • Figure out how to make what you just did better.

You need to put yourself in other people's shoes, see the world from their point of view and try to engage and please your audience. As in theater, the proof is in the pudding. Ah, pudding... Yum!

My approach is playful pragmatism. Make it work! Plus, try to have a good time at it.

Some people will hate this site. Some people will love it. I prefer that over people having no opinion. That's called qualifying the visitor. I'd like to do the same with your visitors.

By the way, the tone of my site may appear to be too casual. But does speaking about solutions, process work flow and a bunch of scary sounding technical mumbo jumbo really help you understand what you need to understand? I doubt it. It's the personal website of one guy. If I sounded like a big corporation wouldn't that be a bit ridiculous? I think so.

Becoming a corporation might be good though. They seem to have all the fun these days...